The Blonde Female Freak is a purger who travels with the Freaks. She attacks the home of the Sandin family.


The unnamed blonde girl was a purger who invaded the home of James and Mary Sandin. She was seen with another female purger frequently and appeared to be the girlfriend of Polite Leader. When the purgers invaded the Sandin's home, the Blonde Female Freak terrorized Mary by pushing her to the ground, and with the help of another purger who grabbed Mary on her wrists, she straddled Mary and tickles her. When Mary begs her to stop, the Blonde Female Freak keeps tickling her before pulling out a machete, intending to kill her, but she was shot in the head by Mrs. Halverson.

Skills/Abilities Edit

Stealth- The Blonde Female Purger was shown to be rather stealthy, as she was able to sneak up on Mary, taking her by surprise.

Intimidation- The Blonde Female Purger was rather skilled at intimidation, as during the moment where she tickled Mary, the latter was so struck with fear that she couldn't do anything.

Weapons Edit

Machete- The Blonde Female Purger's primary weapon was a machete drenched in blood, indicating that she killed a lot of people with it.


  • She seems to be the Polite Leader's girlfriend.
  • She seems to enjoy tickling people, as shown in her scene with Mary.